Building Scheme

Erinan Building Scheme Summary

  1. Approval of Developer: Plans must be approved in writing by the developer.
  2. Minimum/Maximum size and Height.

    • Finished floor area not less than:

      • 2 storey: 185 sq meters
      • Split level: 168 sq meters
      • Single storey: 150 sq meters
    • Heights:

      • Dwelling: 9 meters maximum
      • Ancillary structure: 4.5 meters maximum
      • Height means the distance measured in a straight line vertically between the highest point on the highest part of the building and any point that is at e directly below that highest point, excluding any chimney, solar heating panel or like structure or thing that projects above the surface of the roof.
  3. Exterior Materials

    • No vinyl or aluminum siding.
    • Chimneys must be faced with brick or stone
    • Roofs must be shingle, slate, concrete, fiberglass, rubber, clay or similar building material.
  4. Building Siting and Landscaping

    • Except within the Building Envelope, no trees greater than 6 meters high or greater than 30 cm in diameter (measured 1.5 meters above the ground) shall be removed unless unsafe or diseased.
    • Front yards shall be landscaped with lawns, trees, shrubs and gardens with maximum 40% of front yard covered by hard surfaces. Frontage adjacent to boulevard shall be landscaped with lawn and irrigated.
    • Fences must be wood, rock, concrete, iron. No chain link unless landscape screen placed outside of its perimeter.
    • Minimum 2 car garage, attached or separate. No carports.
    • Driveways: concrete, asphalt, tile or pressed tile concrete.
    • Building Envelope: 6 meters from perimeter of house or outbuilding.
  5. Accessory Buildings and Structures and Storage of Vehicles

    • No accessory building or satellite dishes in front yard.
    • Satellite dishes must be lower than roof height of house, screened from street view and max diameter of 60cm.
    • Trailers, RVs, boats, etc must be screened from the street.
    • No pole mast, vertical antenna or similar object can be erected which may impede the view or seem unsightly to adjacent lot owners.
  6. Scheduling

    • Construction must be complete in 12 months after building permit issued.
    • Landscaping must be done within 9 months after occupancy permit issued.
    • Driveways must be finished within 9 months after occupancy permit issued.
    • Dwellings must be substantially complete on the exterior and an occupancy permit issued before they can be occupied.
  7. General Requirements

    • No lot shall subsequently be subdivided or it's boundaries altered.
    • Only single family detached dwellings, no duplexes, or bed and breakfast use permitted.
    • Secondary suites permitted.
    • Domestic household pets only.
    • No commercial business other than a home office located in the dwelling. No day care facilities, schools or any other form of institution.
    • No signs except a temporary for sale sign.
    • Properties must be kept in a state of good repair and attractive condition.
  8. Exemption: The administrator may make exemptions.

  9. Site Specific Covenants - Boulevard Protection

    • Lots 11,12,13,25,46 & 47 Only:

      • Fence heights on Erinan Boulevard max 1.2 meters high.
      • Owner must maintain said fence.
  10. Site Specific Covenants - Pedestrian Parkway Protection

    • Lots 22,23,27,28,41,42,52 & 53 Only:

      • Fence or landscape buffer must be installed adjacent to pedestrian pathway.
      • Fence or landscape buffer must be installed prior to occupancy permit being issued.
      • Owner responsible for maintaining fence or landscape buffer.


This is a summary of the building scheme and must not be relied upon without verification.

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